The 3 Main Factors That Eventually Lead People to Detox Centers in Los Angeles

It can be difficult for people to decide that it is time to go to a detox center and change their lives. This means that they are admitting that they have a problem and that they are willing to fix it so they can move forward. Unfortunately, many things can happen in a person’s life that leads to seeking out detox centers in Los Angeles. Maybe he or she is looking for a coping mechanism or suffers from mental illness.

Detoxing at Home versus Detox Centers in Los Angeles

Some people try to detox at home, and this can be dangerous. In fact, it can be deadly. It is very important to seek treatment at a professional facility so that detox can be carefully monitored. The process is very involved. It’s not about stopping alcohol or drugs and waiting it out. The withdrawal symptoms are very difficult to get through, so having a trained staff oversee the detox is extremely important.

Professional monitoring is especially important for alcohol withdrawal because alcohol detox is the most dangerous. People can convulse or hallucinate, or their heart could stop. People with severe dependency on alcohol should never decide to stop “cold turkey.” They can experience:
  •     Anxiety
  •     Convulsions
  •     Insomnia
  •     Nausea
  •     Heart seizure
  •     Shakiness
  •     Seizures
The severity of the withdrawal symptoms depends solely on how serious a person’s addiction is. Every person is different, which is another reason why close monitoring is required. A person can also receive help with any coexisting psychological disorder or medical condition.

What Leads a Person to Detox?

Several main factors lead people to detox. They are:

 Their alcoholism is severely compromising their health. When people learn that their alcoholism is practically killing them, they may opt for detox to help them end the dependence. After they detox, it is very important to attend AA, therapy, and a good treatment program to avoid relapse. It is important to avoid relapse at any time, especially when further alcohol consumption could be deadly. 

Family pressures also lead to a person looking toward detox centers in Los Angeles for help. If a family stages an intervention to show a person is hurting him or herself and family members, detox may be the solution that the individual opts for. While an alcoholic is most likely self-medicating, learning that he or she is hurting family members can make the individual want to change.

A simple desire to do better can also lead to seeking out detox centers in Los Angeles. While this is the least common of the three factors, it is in the top three overall. For those that have children or become tired of the lifestyle they are living, they may choose that it is time to get clean and live a healthier life.

No matter why a person looks toward detox centers in Los Angeles for help, what is important is that he or she is looking. There are many effective programs throughout the city that focus on the long-term outcome rather than a short-term outcome. A long-term approach helps the patient ensure success.


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