Intensive Outpatient Program Orange County is a Flexible Option for Working People

Intensive Outpatient Program Orange County(IOP) is the most popular, cost-effective, and thorough treatment programs for substance abuse. Both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs offer best treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction. Alcohol abuse leads to an extremely intense craving for alcohol and loss of control over drinking. The sooner an alcohol/drug addict accepts the professional help of IOP, the better are his chances of timely recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Program Orange County is aimed at providing temporary stability to the patient and solution of problem areas that need an immediate attention. This type of treatment does not require patients to stay at the drug rehab facilities till the time they get rid of their drug/alcohol addiction. Instead, IOP allows patients to live in their own homes and get treatment during the days or night. This feature of IOP is hugely convenient for those who are working at various places to make both ends meet and cannot afford to stay at the facility for longer durations of time.

Outpatient program allows for an individual or group therapy sessions during weekdays for a pre-determined period of time. A good drug rehab center is aware that single treatment procedure is not likely to achieve desired results for everyone and an individualized treatment plan is designed for each client separately with the help of a case manager. While formulating an individualized treatment plan, the primary focus is given not only to providing solution to addiction, but also lays equal emphasis on patient's personal needs and philosophies.

Some vital components of IOP are Expressive Art Therapies, Resistance in Recovery, Yoga, Dharma, Meditation, Addiction Education, 12 step based track, Healthy Relationship groups etc,. Night program of Intensive Outpatient Program Orange County is a tier program. It is especially designed keeping in mind the working individuals who cannot afford to dedicate major time of their daily schedule to receive detox treatment. This part-time program fits in their hectic schedules. This service is offered on optional days for a period of 3 to 4 hours.

It is important for a patient to regularly attend all the meetings so that he can interact with other patients and discuss their problems in a safe and healthy environment. This program allows members to form a close, personal bond with each other as everyone is going through similar situations in their lives.

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